Paul's Final Words

Paul's Final Words

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Paul's Final Words

The word ‘legacy’ is often defined as tangible things that one leaves behind. Legacy can also refer to the impact one person makes that will remain after their time on this earth is complete. Paul Hall was a ‘legacy man’ through and through, even bringing his leadership team to the hospital in what ended up being his final days to ensure that Paul Hall and Associates Insurance was prepared moving forward from his cancer diagnosis.

In his true forward-thinking fashion, Paul self-recorded videos for each of his immediate family members for them to find if the brain surgery was not successful. Along with those videos, was this video ‘for everyone,’ intended to be shown at his celebration of life (video above.) Paul had a deep belief that everything in his life had meaning, that all he went through and everything he did was for someone. Even in the face of stage four metastatic melanoma, he did everything he could to bring light to others.

Around the time of his diagnosis, Paul insisted that a Facebook group be created where updates on his condition could be shared, but more importantly, a place where others could share their stories about God working in their lives. It has since shifted to sharing memories of Paul, but we welcome you to join the group and read through the updates and special memories and share your own:

Paul viewed his staff and his clients as part of the family. Because of this, he wanted to make sure everyone was updated throughout his journey – from the car crash in December to the broken hip on the cruise and his cancer diagnosis. He requested a letter to be sent to all clients just before his brain surgery, detailing his condition at that time and plans moving forward for the agency. You can read that letter here:'s%20Final%20Client%20Letter.pdf.

Paul shared with his family the week before surgery that he wanted to build a community playground with his Foundation. Paul’s obituary ( shared this last wish of his and requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Paul Hall and Associates Foundation. You can find more information here:

His final wish and personalized video alone attest to the passion that Paul had to make an impact on others: to leave a legacy. I think those of us who knew him have no doubt that he impacted us in so many positive ways that words cannot describe.