Pumpkin Palooza - Paul Hall & Associates

In 2013 we started our First Annual Pumpkin Palooza. Since then, we have made a tradition of having this event at our Georgetown location. If you come visit the Pumpkin Palooza you will receive a free pumpkin from our pumpkin patch. We purchase all of our pumpkins from local pumpkin producers. We also provide free food and drinks at the event along with some fun activities such as a table to paint your pumpkins on and apple bobbing.

Since our first Palooza, we have offered two contests for people of all ages to enter; a coloring contest and a pumpkin baking contest. You can even enter both if you want!

 Our 4th Annual Pumpkin Palooza was a great day! Stay tuned for our 5th Annual Pumpkin Palooza date and information!

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