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 All of your working life, you’ve planned for what’s next – retirement. But when the day comes and you’re ready to retire, what comes next are many questions  - How long will you live? What costs will you face? Will your money last?


What’s needed for what’s next is a strategy specifically for the risks you face in retirement.


Together with Nationwide, your investment professional can show you the unique financial risks you face in retirement and help you build a plan to address them based on facts, not guesses.

Retirement Scrabble



The three major retirement risks.

You’re probably familiar with two of these risks – market volatility and inflation. Before retirement, these risks both have an effect on your assets. However, once you retire and begin taking an income from your assets, the impact of volatility and inflation intensifies, and is joined by an additional risk – longevity, or the risk of out living your income.

Any one of these three major risks can really put a crimp in your plans. Here’s how:

Market volatility:
The ups and downs of the stock market
Flat or down markets can cause frustration before retirement. But during retirement, the lack of growth can devastate your financial plan. When markets decline as you’re withdrawing for income, your assets have to work harder to keep you on track.

Remember what you could buy for a dollar?
Today, you’d need %5.76 to buy what you could get for $1 in 1970. That’s inflation in action, and your investments need to keep pace or beat it in order to preserve your purchasing power. If inflation grows faster than your investments, you’re actually losing money. And with the average retirement lasting 25 years or more, there’s a lot of keeping up to do.


Living a much, much longer life
The good news is that Americans are living longer lives. Men who reach age 65 have a one-in-four change of living to 92. Women reaching 65 have a one-in-four change of living to 94. However, living a longer life requires you to make your retirement savings last.

At times, it can seem like the deck is stacked against you. How do people commonly work through these challenges?

By building your future on a solid foundation.

We pair a focus on financial strength with a commitment to protecting what’s most important to people. As a mutually owned company, we exist to serve our customers, not shareholders, and we cultivate long-term capital strength so we can continue to honor the commitments we make.

About Paul Hall & Associates
We will work with you to develop your plan. What are your goals or objectives? We each have different needs and wants. We will work to customize a strategy that works for you. We will study:
1.    Immediate Needs
2.    Growth Protection
3.    Your Horizon
4.    Long Term Care Needs
5.    Spousal Protection
6.    Death Benefits

Building for retirement is not easy, convenient or fun, but it is a must. Allow us to assist you through the process. Together we can develop a plan that fits your needs.


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