Testimonials - Paul Hall & Associates

Dailey Family

"Paul Hall & Associates isn't just an insurance company that you go and pay your bill once a year, you're talking to them. We talk to somebody probably every other week. They just do more than they have to do." - Nicholas Dailey
- Dailey Family, Brown County, OH
Tim and Tracy O'Hara

"What it comes down to with insurance is are they user friendly? Paul Hall & Associates is very user friendly." -Tim O'Hara
- Tim and Tracy O'Hara, Brown and Highland County, OH
Holden/Pinkerton Family

"My number one priority is having someone I know that I can trust and that I know will be there when I need them. I value so much their commitment to our community and making our community a better place." -Tonia Holden Pinkerton
- Holden/Pinkerton Family, Brown County, OH
Hutchens Family

"You can count on them to be there during the hard times." - Danny Hutchens
- Hutchens Family, Brown County, Ohio
Jim Brown

"Paul is a straight-shooter and knows what he is doing. As you can see he has become very successful because he treats people the way he wants to be treated."
- Jim Brown, Clermont County, OH
Liming Family

"It is amazing the help we've gotten through them. (PH&A) Paul has touched our lives in such a way, you're just glad you have someone like that working for you." - Margie Liming
- Liming Family, Clermont County, OH
Mitch and Cindy Erwin

"Paul does a fantastic job as far as keeping us in-tune with everything that is going on and if we have any questions, we know we can give the office a call and will be taken care of." -Mitch Erwin
- Mitch and Cindy Erwin, Brown County, OH
Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative

My experience with Paul hall & associates has always been a positive one. They have always been top notch in customer service. They really do care about your best interest as far as protecting your farm. They are always open to answer questions. They never make you feel like they don't have the time. If they don't know the answer they call back with an answer.
- Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative, Brown County, Ohio
Deere Creek Farms

We've always had very good luck with Paul Hall & Associates. I've never had any trouble with communication and that's my big thing. With a business communication is a big factor for me.
- Deere Creek Farms, Brown County, Ohio
Eric Wolfer
As a Past Board Member of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, my family appreciates that Paul Hall & Associates supports organizations like OFBF, 4-H and FFA. Not only do they support agriculture but they understand it and what we need to be protected.
- Eric Wolfer, Clermont County, Ohio
George Lohstroh
Raising pumpkins at our farm presents some unique insurance challenges. Paul Hall & Associates compiles a package that provides proper protection and a true value for us.
- George Lohstroh, Madison County, Ohio
Jacob Henry
When I wanted to start spraying test plots for a business, Paul and his crew built a special rider on our farm policy. They take the time to understand your needs and then they find a solution.
- Jacob Henry, Warren County, Ohio
Joe Kovach

When you write big business policies like this, there’s all different kinds of things that have to be covered in different ways for different reasons and that’s when you got to depend on the agent to know what they are doing to make sure that if there is any problem it is handled properly. I think they do a good job of that. So many companies when you call them you get locked in their phone system, it’s not like that when you call Paul Hall & Associates. They answer the phone and that's a big deal on the customer service side.
- Joe Kovach, Brown County, Ohio
Judy Rau
Farming is hazardous to say the least and just as we were beginning to harvest our crops for the 2015 season, our combine caught fire and was burnt to a crisp in under 30 minutes.   Our agent has proven available to us 24 hours a day and even though this happened late in the evening by the next day we were provided a combine to continue our crop harvest and calls assuring us if there was anything else we needed to just let them know.  It may seem like insurance premiums take a hefty chunk out of a farmer’s income but the peace of mind that Nationwide has provided definitely makes Paul Hall & Associates justifiable to the budget.
- Judy Rau, Brown County, Ohio
Neil Rhonemus
In our ever changing industry, it is vital to have advisors that you know are working to protect your farm. As an ag based insurance agency, I believe that trusted advisor is Paul Hall & Associates.
- Neil Rhonemus, Clinton County, Ohio
Phoenix Farms

"They presented to Scott and I and we were both very impressed. Extremely knowledgeable yet not too complicated. They explained things that we thought we knew but we really didn't know. We felt much more comfortable after we did it, the price was competitive and we were probably getting more bang for our buck. They set themselves a part with the way they had the three ring binder and the way they presented it. I’ve never had another agent do it that way. What sets them apart is that they are a true agribusiness insurance."
- Phoenix Farms, Darke County, Ohio
Randy Leis
Since 1985, Paul has been an important advisor to me. Now that the next generation is involved, they have also learned to depend on Paul Hall & Associates.
- Randy Leis, Montgomery County, Ohio
Reeves Family Farms

We have a lot of insurance and we had to do something to get a better handle on our insurance and that is when Carmela and I went to Paul Hall. They have a great standing in the community. The great thing about Paul Hall & Associates is that I can call and I get someone to talk to right away. You can call some insurance agencies and get put on hold or have to wait for a call back.
- Reeves Family Farms, Brown County, Ohio