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We Make Farm Transition Planning Easier

Whether your farm or ranch has been around for several generations or you’re a first-generation farmer, we’re here to help you plan what happens to your operation after you’re gone. We'll walk you through the process

If You Want A Say In What Happens To Your Farm, You Need A Plan.

It’s your land and you should decide who inherits it. But if you want to ensure your wishes are carried our after you’re gone, then you need a transition plan. It ensures your wishes are honored and minimizes legal difficulties and confusion for your family as your operation transitions to the next generation.

Legacy Planning

Why Paul Hall & Associates?

As a Land As Your Legacy Certified Consultant, we will be your voice.
We will help you:
•    Identify your goals
•    Put your goals in writing
•    Coordinate all aspects of your plan, including working with accountants, lawyers and being present at  your family meetings
•    Be the voice to push for the completion of your plan

Why Nationwide?

Nationwide was started for and by farmers. Today 9 of the 15 board members are active farmers. Nationwide believes in agriculture and is determined to help preserve it for generations to come.

Nationwide has developed a complete process called Land As Your Legacy. This includes legal and accounting experts that can be called on for advise.

How Land As Your Legacy Can Help?
Through the Land as Your Legacy program, we can help ensure the seamless transition of your farm or ranch to the next generation.

When you first meet with us, we will walk you through the five key elements of the transition-planning process. You can trust we'll be there to help you navigate the following:

Succession Planning

Business Planning
Risk Management
Financial Independence
Estate Planning