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Improving Your Relationship With Your Phone

Improving Your Relationship With Your Phone

Smartphones have made our lives so much easier. If we look back just 10 years ago, we can't imagine how we did life before them. We pay our bills, check our emails, follow our family members locations, and stay social all from one small device.

They seriously are life savers some days....but they can also impact our physical and mental well-being. To build a healthier relationship with your phone, keep in mind some of these tips.

  • Set clear boundaries. If you are always waiting for work or personal messages, you may feel chained to the device, so it’s helpful to set boundaries that outline when you’ll be available.
  • Turn off notifications. Disable notifications for social media apps, or mute group chats to avoid being tempted by the constant notifications.
  • Check at specific times. Create achievable boundaries by checking your phone for notifications at a designated time, like your lunch break or every two hours. Leaving your phone in a separate room to charge is another idea to try.
  • Avoid use before bed. Try to cut down on phone use in bed or right before sleeping. The bright screen can signal to your body that it’s time to be awake, so you may have trouble falling asleep or experience lower sleep quality. Save the news feed scrolling and video watching for during the day.

While we all know we should be using our phones less, doing so is far easier said than done. Start small to create an action plan that works for your life and schedule.