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Have you ever received a random selection letter from the BMV?

    Have you ever received a random selection letter from the BMV?

20% of the registered vehicles in the state of Ohio receive this letter each year. Many of our insureds come in thinking they did something wrong when they receive this letter. That is NOT the case! It is part of Ohio's program to address uninsured motorists. This is a very simple program. When you receive a letter from them, you can send them a copy of your ID card or policy declarations, which must include the date referenced on their letter, to:

Ohio BMV Insurance Processing Center
PO BOX 209
Hudson, OH 44236-0209
(Be sure to write the License plate number on the proof of insurance you send.)

If you do not have a copy of some form of proof of insurance on that date, please call our office and we can provide you with one. If you wish for us to send this in for you, please drop, email or fax a copy of the letter you received so we can take care of the rest for you.

Failure to provide proof of insurance on the requested date will result in suspension of the license of the vehicle's registered owner.

Because of the Random Selection Program from the BMV, if you have a vehicle that you don't plan on driving or isn't currently running, you need to maintain liability insurance until the plates have been turned back into the BMV. If you have a vehicle that you wish to surrender the tags for, please click here, you will need to have this form notarized and mail it with your plates to the provided address. Please allow 7-10 business days after mailing the plates to remove the vehicle from your policy.

If you get a letter and you have questions, let us know how we can assist you! That's what we are here for.